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Terry R. Recipient

Fitbit and LVAD.

What experience has anyone had Fitbit and what model do you recommend?

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Dan E.

I got a Fitbit "Charge 3" about 4 months ago and I really like it.

I got an LVAD "HeartMate 3" 12 months ago. (Can't say I really like that, but it's kept me alive so far. Got that going for it.)

The Fitbit gives me good awareness of my overall activity and my attempts at exercise.

It automatically tracks daily steps and reports on my sleep time and quality each night.

The associated app is handy for tracking fluid intake, calories and daily weight. (these things you input manually).

Fitbit also automatically and continuously monitors my heart rate.

Not sure how accurate heart rate is, though, since the HeartMate 3 has an artificial pulse (and apparently other LVADs have continuous flow with no pulse at all).


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Lawrence M.

I also had a fitbit charge 3 and agree with Dan.  It also will show emails and calendar appointments synch to MS Outlook.

For good measure it doubles as a digital watch.  I had very good success with it .

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Jerome M.

I have a FitBit Versa and I use it to track my daily steps. I continue to try and increase my exercise every week on a daily basis. I do not trust the heart rate on my fit bit but I do use it as a guide. I don't feel it's real accurate.