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Melody T. Caregiver

Managing Medications

Do you manage the medication for the LVAD patient? What do you use to keep track of the medications? I use this site allows you to print different list with schedules of medication. It is easy to change if a dosage or medication changes.

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Jamie P.

Hi Melody!

I do manage my husband's meds, about 75% of the time. I have a great app on my phone called "Paperless" that is a fantastic list app. I keep all of his info there and use it when I'm filling his med boxes. I haven't seen the website you use, but I'm definitely going to check it out. :)

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Christine P.

Does either of these systems allow you to print out a copy of the schedule you're currently following? Unfortunately often time?s patients think they're supposed to be taking one dose and their physician thinks it's another. It's always a great idea to bring the current regime to the next doctor?s appointment and ensure all doses are lined up properly.

Must stay I didn't know about either of these options but boy what a great use for all caregivers to know about - LVAD or not - how about just aging parents. Thanks for sharing!

(Melody ? I met you and your husband at the first focus group and then worked with you son on the initial design of the mylvad web site ? which was the name the focus group you participated in agreed upon ? so great to see your continued interest and activity - ckp)

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Melody T.

Christine, I am very excited about this site, I do remember meeting you. I know you help get things started so many thanks. The site I use does allow you to print the list with dosage. I keep a printed copy in my purse, and Jerry has one in his wallet. I also have a printed copy by time what pills are taken. This list helps me create his weekly pills that I put in a container that he takes four times a day. I have found the site very useful.

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Missy A.

I am a huge iPhone, iPad, Macbook techie, but I have to admit that in regard to the medications situation, we are incredibly old school.

I wish we could post a pic in our little post here - but here is what I do.

I have a piece of paper next to all hubby's meds with 3 columns - AM, MIDDAY, PM. The rows down the left of the paper have each of his meds, and there is a X mark as to which he needs to take at each time of the day. We have a timer set off for 9am, 3pm & 9pm. Hubby fills up his little carry-the-pills container that has 3 sections for the times of the day. He pops that in his pocket and is all set.

I think he is on 28 pills each day now - so even with that many, this method seems to work well.

My hubs meds change a lot, dosages and whatnot, but we have been able to make the mods with this method quite easily.

I think the apps and websites are a great idea as well. We may have to go that route once his new heart comes in. I hear the meds after that are even more insane.


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Jamie P.

Christine, the app I use can be emailed to myself if I want to print it out, but I only use that option to make sure my husband and I have identical lists. My app allows me to just hand my phone over to my provider and they love that they can just scroll through the list.

Missy, you should really try Paperless. It's easy to change the dosages. If you'd like me to send you a picture of our app/med list, you can find me on FB (Jamie Burns Pejo) or email me at

We also use our iPhone calendars to remind him to take his Mid-Day meds. :)