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Alexis G. Medical Professional

EMS Training

With the increased volumes we are experiencing difficulty ensuring EMS are trained. We now have patients go to their local fire house for a meet and greet and provide them with literature on their specific device.

Has anyone else encountered the same issue? How are other centers training local EMS?

Thanks !

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We are still going out and educating every EMS, first responder, and local ER. We renew the training anually. However we to are encountering that this is quite cumbersome and becoming increasingly difficult. We had a full time educator until recently but will be replacing her position in the near future. We have also worked out with the largest EMS and MedFlight services here in Oklahoma to be part of their annual training. It ends up that approximately once a year we do about a weeks worth of training with all of these services. Tedious at the time but has paid out big time for us. We are also exploring other options such as dvd training etc. but so far we have felt that getting out in the community is better for not only the patient, but it is also useful as a marketing technique. We have actually received referrals after these visits which went on the be implants.

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Keith M.

We are contemplating a progrsm recorded and uploaded to a state EMS training site here in Georgia so new people can be trained as they arrive , Although the face to face certainly would be more personal. The Medical Center of central Georgia services 52 Counties so face tom face for us is going to be next to impossible (and yes we are new)

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Dina H.

By uniting the efforts of the pre-hospital EMS providers with the hospital-based team at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, the Ohio State Center for EMS has been charged with providing the community the best opportunity for survival and quality of life in emergency situations. Now i don't have time to engage with these training because I have to work for custom essay writing services.