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Joseph L. Recipient

difficult to accept

I am finding having the LVAD very hard to except

I drive my wife crazy sometimes

some days I can handle and others not

Its been implanted the first week in Dec

Is this a normal feeling or am I over-reacting?

what can I do to accept what I have thats making it so

tough to deal with?


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Nancy M.

My husband just received his LVAD on Feb. 9th and was released from the hospital this past Thursday. He is still in the "happy to be home" period. I would expect him to starting feeling frustrated in another week. We have a construction company and he was an owner/operator, which means he would work along with the guys when needed. So his life will be very different. He does not like office work and wants to be out in the field. What did you do before the surgery? Have you had a lot of pain. He has a problem to cough, causes pain. Are you still going to the doctor's office every week? Where did you have your surgery? His was done at NY Presbyterian Weill Cornell. Hope you are able to see how lucky you are as spring gets here and you are feeling physically better.

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Thomas M.

I think like many LVAD patients you are struggling with some level of depression. I cried and cried both before and after LVAD implantation. THree things I would suggest. The first is to find and talk to someone who has had an LVAD. I realize that is what this forum is all about, but somehow seeing someone face-to-face is very helpful. Secondly, I would join the LVAD support group at the hospital, if possible and lastly, I would definately get into cardiac rehab as soon as your doctor permits. I think all of those will help your attitude. You are not the first and only person to go through this. Reach out to others.

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William J.

Thomas Martin said it very well above. It is very beneficial to talk about your feelings. I've only had my LVAD since May 2012, and I was a little depressed at first, but when you weigh the alternatives, an LVAD is a wonderful device.