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Jerry T. Recipient

Thank you Dr Boyce...

Thank you Dr Boyce for champion this website. Thanks to everyone who participated and assisted in the development efforts. This site provides valuable information to individuals and their families. Your insight and determination is greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for your post. We are very excited to have launched; courageous patients like you are what inspired us!

We hope you--and the rest of the visitors to the articles, tools, and community here helpful. Please post any additional feedback or ideas that you have.

- MyLVAD Admin

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maureen h.

Thankyou Dr. Boyce for saving my life.

I take a moment of gratitude daily, to give thanks to you and your team. The web site is wonderful; practical, inspirational, and educational. I look forward to its success.

Maureen Hooker, salsa dancer (just kidding)

Transplant September 3, 2011