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Exercising with an LVAD

I've been trying to get some information about trying to do yoga with the lvad and how to get started. Has anyone tried or is anyone doing it? . At being 63yrs.old, I need some form of exercise; I would appreciate it. Thank you and Peace be with you.
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Diane M.

We’ve been wondering about Yoga as well. We will talk to a Yogini later this week and see what she says. My husband has a HM II
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Nichole L.

We wondered about exercise and yoga as well and checked with the LVAD coordinator. They advised not to do yoga as many positions require repeatedly contracting your ab muscles. Moving the driveline in and out like that can lead to bleeding and thus infection.
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Stan C.

Interesting..... Can't speak for yoga as I've never done it. However, part of my regular exercise at a gym is a treadmill for cardio and both abdomen and upper body strengthening machines. Asked my VAD personal what my limitations may be and they stated unless I see something that obviously may hurt me, pull the driveline, etc. to go ahead and try it carefully. They also showed me a picture of a young man who was a model/bodybuilder who exercised heavily. I am very careful getting on/off equipment especially as I work out and start getting tired.