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Richard M. Caregiver

Heartmate III Equipmet

My husband received a heart transplant on September 15, 2020. He had had a Heartmate III Since October 1, 2019. We have nearly a month's worth of dressing change kits from OrthoDynamics, a wall unit, a battery charger and 4 batteries, 2 LAVD shirts and a waist band for sleeping. I would like to give them to someone who needs them. We are in Cleveland, Ohio, in an apartment near the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. If you can use them,  and can pick them up, you can contact me through this forum. Judith Meyer

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Jeff K.

I am so glad for your husband I hope he is doing well .

I am looking for any battery holster . I am very busy and beat mine up so they look pretty bad .
i will take any you may have   . Just let me now  Thank you and stay healthy Jeff Kemp 

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Mark C.

If you still have the equipment, I would love to receive it I will reimburse mailing expense.

Thank You

Mark Chapman


5910 66th Ave E

Puyallup, WA 98372

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Jacqueline S.

Prise God, I pray that everything is going well with his new heart and I pray that you are doing well also, 

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Mark C.

If you still have this, I will pay to have it UPS’d to me.


Mark Chapman

5910 66th Ave E,  Puyallup, WA 98371

let me know.

Thank You!


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Lisa W.

How wonderful for your husband.   How is he doing?  My husband has had a heart mate 3 since Dec 2019.   He has asked to have a heart transplant.  Is there a lot involved?  We were told we would have to move near where they do them.   They don’t perform them where we live.

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Jessica K.

My 48 year old husband Had 2 massive heart attacks in the last month. It has been the worst month of our lives. We have 4 children and I'm praying that the LVAD is the answer. He's getting it put in tomorrow at Cleveland Clinic in Florida. I'll need any help we can get. Someone told me to look online at all the gear and it's so expensive. I'm going to find out if insurance covers any of these items  But Could definitely use the help if you still have it and everything goes as anticipated. If anyone reads this, please say a prayer for him ❤️

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Michelle T.

CONGRATULATIONS to your husband on the new heart!  I hope all went well and continues to do so.  I see others have replied before me.  I am interested in the charger and wall unit if you still have them, but I live in Florida so I'd have to pay you to ship them.