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larry w. Family Member

heartmate II equipment

My wife no longer needs anything to do with her heartmate II equipment. I've been asked to see if any of it can be sold. Does anyone here know if such is possible? I've not been told amounts to ask. I suppose any offers will be considered. As far as I know, it's all that is needed for such devices. But even though I know it all works fine. Please have your doctors or tech support look over for safety.

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Diane B.

Hi Larry

It was my understanding that all equipment belonged to the hospital or company providing it. I would suggest that you check with your wife's LVAD team about ownership of equipment before you sell and someone requests it back.

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Mick S.

I asked my cardiologist what happens when you don't need the LVAD anymore. She said that it is returned to the hospital where it was installed and used for research to help improve the system for future patients. I think this is a better solution.

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My husband  passed away.  The lvad team was really  thankful to get for the  lvad drive line kits. We also returned  the batteries  and controller.