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colleen h. Caregiver


My husband received the HeartMate3 6/2/22. He is has been in the hospital since 5/12/22 and now they want to send him to a rehab facility. It seems that his 30 day hospital stay is approaching and they just need to discharge him. Has anyone had a similar situation ? 

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Bob S.

I had a heart catheterization on 9/23/17. With the results, they kept me. After a few rounds of Milrinone and a lot of testing, a decision was made to implant a HeartMate III LVAD. Operation on 10/5/17. ICU 3 weeks. I went directly home on 11/4/17. 53 days. Visiting nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist & a nurse to teach me how to check my INR. Cardio rehab a couple times a week for 9 weeks. After that I was able to return to my Senior Lite exercise class using a backpack to carry my equipment. There were a few bumps along the road the first year. I'm 74. It's now going on 5 years and I'm seeing the doctor every 6 months. Am I grateful? You bet!  Sue

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Ken D.

My husband got his heart mate III in Oct. 2021. He spent 65 days in the hospital .he was sent to rehab twice where medical emergencies got  him sent back to the hospital where his surgery was done.

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Aiseen R.

Have you had complications? Because if you haven’t, then consider yourself lucky, count your blessings, take the rehab, and go home! 
My husband had his surgery on 4/15/22 and there’s no end in sight as to when he’s leaving ICU, let alone the hospital. He just turned 52 on 6/9/22 but his heart is severely damaged due to his years of cardiomyopathy. He was very overweight and they discovered cancer during the evaluation process for transplant, so the LVAD is keeping him alive & I honestly have no complaints, but it’s a much longer process for him than for some.
So, consider yourself lucky if you’re being discharged to a rehab facility after less than a month.

Good luck and God bless!

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James H.

I too received my LVAD on May 3rd.  I was supposed to go to a rehab facility on or about the 15th.  Did'nt happen because I tested positive for Covid.  (I'm sure and everone agrees, I got Covid in ICU after my surgery).  I ended staying in the hospital under Covid quarantine until the 20th and then was discharged to home.  It has been slow getting my strength back; I think I would have been better off going to the rehab facility.

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Susan K.

I definite support rehab. The pt and ot training will make you stronger and more self reliant.I was there for 2 weeks and learned a lot

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Christine E.

Colleen, I think you will find rehab to be a big help before your husband goes home. My husband was in the hospital seven months out of the last year due to so many complications. He had a toxic response to one of his heart medications, Amiodarone. It caused so many issues. He finally had the LVAD placed on December 16, 2021. It has worked beautifully, but other medical issues happened. Consequently, he was in the hospital this last time for five months and one week. The last three weeks of that stayed he was sent to their rehabilitation institute. At the time we wondered how they could help as he was so weak, but they were marvelous! I do not think he would be as far as he is, had he not gone to rehab. He still has a long road to travel to gain his strength back. Being in a hospital bed for so long zaps all your muscles!  We are thankful for the LVAD and are adjusting to our life with it. He is still here with me and we are thankful to God for every day we have together. I hope things work out for your husband and his recovery is progressing. 

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Diane B.

I presume your insurance has 30 day clause because not true of Medicare if acute care is required. How much can he do for himself? If he was badly deconditioned prior to surgery he may need extra therapy to increase your success at home. 

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Deborah C.

My husband was in the hospital for 3 months after he got his VAD. He had to have a second surgery 2 weeks after he got the Vad due to a blood clot that formed on his aorta. They insisted he needed to go to their rehab in the hospital. After seeing what was available there we said NO. The doctor at the hospital in charge of the floor was refusing to release him. I called the insurance company and they did some checking and told me the doctor had reported just 2 days earlier he was still in intensive care. I informed the hospital the doctor had committed insurance fraud and also let them know I notified my insurance company he had been walking laps in the hospital for weeks. He was out the next day, the doctor never showed her face to us again. We had some home rehab but it was worthless, my husband could do way more on his own than what they were doing We got rid of the home rehab and my husband worked on his own rehab.A lot of what goes on his about the money they can make off you. Good luck with your husband.

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Kim B.

My husband had heart attack Jan 28 with no prior symptoms, died for 25 mins, had LVAD placed on Feb 14, went into Rehab March 16, home on April 6. REHAB IS VERY NECESSARY!! They can help him walk, eat, bathe, etc, something i would not have been able to do! Husband was very sick, and could not walk, was fall risk which is bad on blood thinners. If you are lucky as we were to get him into a great REHAB hospital do it, my husband thrived there. He was supposed to be there 30 days, but got to come home early due to his desire to go HOME.

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Ron T.

My father was admitted to Cardiac ICU 2/25/22, Heartmate 3 placed 3/8/22 and was released to cardiac rehab and cardiac clinic visits weekly on 3/17/22

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Dinah H.

I think that it just depends on the individual and their health/strength or level of fitness prior to LVAD. My dad is 80, had his heart attack last April 2021. He claims that he had no prior symptoms and was pretty physically fit and otherwise healthy for his age. He went in for LVAD surgery on 2/21/2022 and was released from ICU to the rehab facility in the hospital Just ONE WEEK LATER! It felt so rushed and was really scary…but he did so well in rehab and was so determined to go home that he was released on 3/16/2022. Again, we were terrified to take him home so soon…but he was ready! They said that’s it’s the fastest recovery they’ve seen for someone his age. Definitely do rehab. Yes it’s a bit depressing but the staff are very caring and also don’t put up with any BS either….which some patients need to stay motivated to get well.