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The Electric Cranks Ride Again.....and Again.....and Again

The Electric Cranks are a group of LVAD recipients from across the North of England, all patients at Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. A number of us are awaiting a heart transplant. We had all been physically fit and active prior to developing severe heart conditions which required life-saving surgery. Post-op, we came together to form the Electric Cranks Cycling Club and discovered the major benefits of electric bikes - providing access to the countryside, re-building physical capacity, enabling independence and enhancing personal well-being.

We recently entered a team in the British Transplant Games Cycling Sportive (along with a team made up of our fantastic medics). A number of other LVAD centres in the UK have expressed interest in the potential role of e-bikes in promoting recovery and good health in their patients.

If you would like to know more about this initiative, please let me know. You can find us on Twitter @ElectricCranks 

The Wind in our Wheels!



Received LVAD implant late April.  Active prior to operation (kayaking/sculling/canoeing/cycling).  Now the watersports are out, and I’m leery of cycling due to the possibility of a spill.  

just purchased an English ICE Adventure HD electric trike and love it.  15-20 mile loop rides are a joy, but I do them by myself.  Live in Minneapolis MN.  Are you aware of any groups similar to yours in the States?

thanks,  Jim.

Are you on Instagram? I am currently suspended from Facebook for speaking truths.

At Busse WoodsI received my Heartmate3 LVAD March 10th, 2020.
I was an avid cyclist pedaling 20 miles per day. I sold all of my 2 wheeled devices, after implant, to my local bike shop. Vince, the owner, was very sad and suggested a trike, which his shop doesn't offer.

I purchased a Catrike Villager and am using it to ride the 10 mile loop in the park near my home. When I turn 70, I'll purchase an electric assist for my trike.

When I visit England next, I will be happy to ride with you all.


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Bob G.

Hi Matt, Great to see what you are doing on the trike. Anyone in the LVAD community who wants to join us on our rides in the north of England will be most welcome.

I don't use Instagram, but am on Twitter (Bob Gower3), as are the Electric Cranks

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Barbara G.

Hi, Matt!  My hubby had an LVAD for almost four years until he was transplanted in 2016.  We have been dismayed at the trampling of free speech by big tech.  Would love to follow you on Instagram if you wouldn't mind sharing the link.  Very glad you're doing so well.

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Bob G.

Hi James 

good to hear from you! Great that you are getting out and enjoying life on your bike. I regularly do long solo rides now (up to 45 miles), as well as with the Cranks and others. 
we have spoken with US medics (online) who are interested in what we do, also Abbott are very supportive, but I don’t know of any cycling groups there as yet. 
If I /we can help in any way, please let me know. We also have an Electric Cranks Facebook site now, which you may find useful. Keep in touch, and keep on cycling!

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James J.

James A,

I also bought the same trike this summer however am sitting in the hospital after finally getting a hip replacement, so not riding. I live along the Lake Minnetonka regional trail. Maybe we could connect next spring.

Jim Justus