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Lori C. Caregiver

Subacute rehab

We are looking for a subacute rehab in nj area.   I googled and was not able to find any

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Diane B.

Hi Lori

when I search I get multiple choices. Is loved one still in hospital or are you looking for a refresh. If you have a social worker on your team they should be totally up to date on this.


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Zia A.

I believe Care One in Morristown is a subacute cardiac rehab center. My father is currently in the hospital (4 weeks post-surgery) and his care team told me that depending on insurance approval, he'll either go to Kessler (acute rehab) or Care One. But like Diane said, if the loved one is still in the hospital, their social worker and discharge planning person should have much more information for you. 

Here's their website:

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Lori C.

Has anyone stayed in a subacute in NJ?  Did you think they did a good job if so please share your experiences.   We need to know the truth and not just rely on marketing from  facilities that claim to have had Lvad patients