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Melody T. Caregiver

Dressing Changes

I do my husband's dressing changes as I am sure many other caregivers do. I am curious as to how other people do the dressing changes not necessarily what supplies you use but logistics. I started to buy a hospital tray table to use for laying out supplies and keeping a sterile field. Then my son suggested using an ironing board which could be adjusted. My husband lays on the bed which is high profile. I have degenerative disc disease so bending over it not good since I am 5'11. So, I kneel while I am changing the dressing. The ironing board is at my kneeling height which works. What are your logistics when changing dressings?

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Missy A.

Hi Melody:

I am a caregiver for my husband and here is my procedure.

The guest room has been turned into our medical room. We have a desk next to the bed. Hubby lays on the bed. I lay out all of the supplies on the desk. I also sit in a chair and put another chair in front of me so now I have the desk with all of the supplies I need & a chair in front of me with a towel and my gauge, tape, etc.

I am going to be making a post later on the procedure we use, as I am hoping it will help others with their drive line. We have had no infections and great luck with a healthy drive site for hubby.

I hope that helps - anything else I can do let me know.


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Jamie P.

I've thought of getting a cart, but I know that, like every other surface in our bedroom, it will soon become cluttered with my husband's things. I always clear off a section of his dresser, grab all the things I need, then go to work while he lays on the bed. From start to finish, I'd be surprised if it all takes 10 minutes. Lately, I keep thinking I've forgotten a step, but it's just because we've gotten the system down and it fast.


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Tania H.

we have one of those 3 drawer plastic storage things on wheels. We have the power unit on top, and all of the supplies in the drawers. We have another 3 drawer plastic storage thing with other stuff in it, but the top is free for me to use for dressing changes. It doesnt even take 10 min for us to change the dressing. We use the plastic "stick" thing to clean with

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Wendy C.

I have been changing my son's dressing for well over a year. I keep some of his supplies in his desk drawer and the bulk of them in a box in his closet. I just put everything I need for a change and add to the drawer whenever something is low or gone. His supplies always come in a large box which last me quite a while.

He is in a captains bed which has worked out well as it is tall. I use a shelf board set on a box that he keeps on his bed to set up everything I need except the sterile gloves which I open and leave on his desk.

I can change this quite quickly with the removal of adhesive that likes to stick on him taking the most time and effort. I have recently changed tape to one that has been working better for him and practically eliminating skin breakdown and leaving less adhesive. I recommend talking to your supply provider if you are having trouble with this. It took some trial and error but it has made this part of hid care much better.

I think it takes 5 minutes max for his dressing changes now. It is definitely something that becomes second nature after awhile. So far no infections. Something I am grateful for.

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Dan R.

My wife uses paper tape then silk tape over the paper tape to make the dressing sturdy.

It works very well and no skin tears. We have adhesive remover but don"t really use it since the paper and silk combo.

Where did your son get his lvad? Mine was at Loyola in Maywood

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admin21 a.

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Tess W.

I’ve just had my first LVAD training to assist my husband (he had LVAD surgery on Friday). Nurse said I could lay everything out on the bed but do you find a table is more convenient? 

Also, what is best: shower chair or bench seat once he gets to the showering stage? Thank you! 




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Stan C.

My wife uses a plastic 3 drawer beauty cabinet for supplies, unused LVAD sterile bandages, etc. for storage but uses a foldup wooden TV tray to lay everything out on for actual changing the bandage.  Works very well for both of us.

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Steve W.

My husband lays on his back on the bed with head on pillow and legs on floor. (He’s a tall guy). I lay the change items on the bed. Feel this is safe as all items are wrapped in plastic. I open them as I need them. He is 74 and has had his LVAD for 2  years with no issues except bleeding from stomach and intestines  needing blood transfusions. We hope the issue has been resolved with Drs . having located and repaired the areas.