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ChloraPrep vs Soap & Water

Does anyone use ChloraPrep to clean the driveline exit site instead of chlorhexidine gluconate soap and water? If ChloraPrep is used, what type of dressing is performed? Does the ChloraPrep cause any irritation ?

Thank you !

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We switch them over from the chlorhexadine soap and sterile water to the chloraprep once their driveline is fully healed and tissue integration is undisturbed. There is a lot of alcohol in the chloraprep, which can be drying to the healing base. Once switched over, it becomes easier for the patients, using the chloraprep stick, and swithcing them from daily dressings to TIW.

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Lauren P.

We have a kit that we created at our hospital. It contains: an instruction sheet, a pair of clean gloves, 2 masks (one for patient, one caregiver), sterile gloves, 2 chlorapreps, 3M skin prep, a Sorbaview dressing (more breathable than Tegaderm), and a Centurion Foley holder used to secure the driveline. We start this kit directly postop. Our standard order is a change every 7 days or PRN. Also, we do not let our patients shower, even with the kit. We still have driveline infections, but the kit is very user friendly and does not require daily care. When patients get an infection, we either increase the frequency of the dressing changes or incorporate the use of betadine dressings (in conjunction with Abx if needed)