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MyLVAD Patient Stories - Monica McFarlan

Thanks to Monica McFarlan for sharing her story with us. Very inspiring! Make sure you check out her story. Everyone has a story, feel free to share your story as a patient or caregiver. We all have courage, strength and sense of hope.

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Durwood E.

I receive my LVAD 11/11/11 @ Duke in Durham, NC. After a month in the hospital, I came home & grew stronger each day. I have been back @ work since 1/13/12. My wonderful wife changes my dressing every other day (she is so good @ it). God has bless me beyond words! I had an elerical storm in my heart on 11/2/11 & was in a comma for 12 days. It was not good for a few days. But, I feel almost as good as I did prior to the LVAD. This thing is gift from God! I'm on the transplant list, but my antibodies are high so they want to re-evaluate in 3 months. I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries and had the Mustard procedure @ 3 years old. There's a lot of scar tissue from this which may have caused the storm. Also, I received a pacemaker in Dec 2002 & had it replace in June 2011. We are taking 1 day @ a time & praising God!