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Sharing miracles

What a wonderful asset to our precious LVAD community! Thank you for your sincere passion and commitment to our patients. As a resident in training, I am truly humbled by this dedicated team. It is an honor to know each LVAD patient and gain an invaluable experience learning from each patient, families, and the VAD coordinators.

My beloved uncle recently passed away as he was battling cancer and heart failure. He would have been cheering and sincerely grateful for this myLVAD community.

Thank you.

With admiration,


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Mariza M.

Being a LVAD carrier for about two years and half, after a very difficult time with several re-entries in the hospital (Procardiaco in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), I’ve been doing well since last year and started driving a car just in town. Is there any restriction for that due to the airbag in the case of an accident? Thanks for any repply Mariza