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Take a Shower..Not Jason! from Our Life Our Love His LVAD

I wanted to address this because some of our LVAD friends do take showers.

Everything fits in this bag and you'll just have the drive line cord exposed. Of course you can't even do this until the doctor clears you. Our hospital and Jasons doctor say no to taking showers, they expressed that It was "just too risky". Its all in what you are comfortable with. Like I said,the LVAD friends that I do know that do take showers..well that's comfortable for them. We choose not too. It's not wonderful not being able to take showers or baths, but the awesome equipment is why Jason is here today and we are not willing to do anything to compromise that.

What we choose do is:

I hold the system controller while he washes from the waist down.

To wash his hair, he just kneels outside of the bathtub and I wash it that way or he will and I'll hold the system controller

Sponge bath

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Melissa J.

I had my LVAD for over a year. While it is labor intensive to cover your driveline with plastic and tape, put the controller and batteries in the shower bag, and get everything ready for a dressing change - showering is wonderful. It takes a while to get used to it, but I wore the bag over my shoulder and showered like normal. We were always maticulous about being sure to tape everything up good and then to remove the plastic and bandage immediately after showering. Then we would do the full sterile dressing change. In the year I had the LVAD, I never had a problem with infection or damage of the equipment. But each person is different. Encouragement to those with the LVAD and their families.

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Melody T.

My husband has been taking showers for 20 months. The first couple times he took showers, we were both nervous. But once you get in a routine and know what needs to be done before and after the shower, it is not a problem. Hy husband looks forward to taking his two or three showers a week. He still does the sponge bath on the other days. He says the shower makes him feel good!

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Taking a shower was one of the most wonderful things I got to do. It is funny being dude a a jay bird and then have this computer type bag draped around you that holds all of your equipment, but it works perfectly. I had my LVAD put in on Aug. 2011 and now taking showers is very comfortable. Nothing like a nice shower to make you feel better. When the doctors said I could finally take a shower I couldn't wait. So far I have had not one problem with the bag or drive line. It really becomes quite easy. For those of you that haven't gotten the go-ahead from your doctor, just will love it. It just helps me feel more normal and I'm sure I smell better too....ha ha. Hang in gets easier and easier each time you do it.