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Melissa J. Recipient

Heart Recovered?!?!

My LVAD was placed in August 2009. Then in Jan 2010 my heart began to recover. In Sept 2010 I was able to get my LVAD explanted. It is over a year later and I am doing great. So thankful for each day. Any others out there regain heart function and get explanted? If so, what restrictions do you have? What are your drug therapies? How are you doing?

Thanks and blessings to those patients and their families and the staff that take care of us!

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Tim R.

I had an LVAD placed December 2007 and explanted June 2008. I'm doing great. The restrictions that I have are running for long periods of time, basketball, things like that. I walk pretty regularly on a tread mill at paces up to 4mph and feel great doing it. I'm married to a great lady and have 3 daughters that keep me busy. I work full time 40+ hours a week. My drug therapies are Diovan, Coreg, Spirnolactone, 81mg asprin, and a daily multi vitamin. My doctors have monitored pretty closely at first, but I'm at a 9 months between visits now. I've been blessed just like you.

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Grace D.

My husband's LVAD was explanted about 8 days ago as well after having the implant for 16 months! His EF is now at 55%! I would love to answer and encourage anyone who might have a question about this! I wish you all the best! We are so happy and thankful!

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connie r.

It's "heartening" to see that some of your lvad's have been explanted. Congratulations to all of you!

My surgeon mentioned the possibility twice at my last appt. with him last June, '13. I know he wouldn't have said anything if he wasn't thinking about it, but he also said "no promise."

Mine was implanted Nov. 10, 2010 and I feel like a new person. Can walk about a mile and climb 50 steps in 20 minutes without getting short of breath. Prior, I could only sit, breathe oxygen and be inactive.

My local doctor doesn't seem as enthusiastic, but for an extended time he also saw how sick I was.

Also, my husband thinks it's "counterproductive."

I'll have a lot of questions for both doctors; local appt. will be in Mar. '14 and will see surgeon probably early next June, '14.

Best to all of you, and have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Connie Rose

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Lynn H.

I'm so happy you had a successfull explant. If anyone reads this that has had an lvad explanted, could you post where and who explanted it. Hope to have my grandsons explanted. He's 18 yes old.