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MyLVAD A. Caregiver

Sexual Healing

How are people feeling about the emotional implications of an LVAD on their sex life/drive?

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Bob H.

Sex drive... much better since im not tired all the time and low blood circulation was causing other problems down below. Intimacy is not so easy. Its hard to be romantic with batteries, cables, and a controller attached to you 24/7 but if your partner is understanding and patient it will work just fine. If your careful you can leave the conroller on your waist but slide it onto your back. (at least its out of the way). I have noticed (since im single) that woman are just afraid to get into a relationship. funny how their first question is "can you have sex" lol Most are afraid to even get involved. I am still me on the inside and I understand their fears and reservations. If it were reversed would I date a woman with an LVAD? Its scary to get involved with someone that may die and needs a heart transplant. It takes a strong person to look past it.

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Andrea M.

I am in a committed relationship and my partner is also a heart patient. While he doesn't have heart failure, he does understand much of what I've been through. I think the fact that he has had health struggles of his own (including a stroke and 5 way by-pass) has made it easier for us to continue a fairly active and healthy sex life. He even says my battery cables are kinda

I couldn't begin to imagine being single and trying to date while adjusting to life with my LVAD!

It does, indeed, take a strong person to look past a prospective partners limitations or differences, no matter what they may be.

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shannon j.

Jason got his LVAD on Sept 26. For the first few months I was scared to death, even though we resumed sex very quickly after him coming home from the hospital ( he's a I was still scare. Now since time has passed I dont even think about it. He puts his controller to the side and I just make sure we have enough cord on the bed in case I snagged it, but its never happened. Really right now, I swear it would be so weird not having the cords.. I cant wait until that day when he doesnt have the cords, but until then its great. ---oh and when they turn his speed up..whew! Hes like a teenager again!