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New with Heartware

Hello all, new here at the site and am impressed with the great posts and info! I am just overt 2 months out of surgery and am feeling good. Getting around a lot now and well as you might guess, looking for alternative carrying options. I was thinking about modifying a backpack or pocketed vest. I see tons of great options for the Heartmate but haven't found something for the Heartware. Has anyone out there with the Heartware come up with some carrying options? Thanks


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No there are not many alternatives to the standard carrying options deliverd by Heartware. I try to develop an new carrying systeem which now is a proto type. In my opinion Heartware should come up with something new. Last year they had a new belt. I have seen it in the hospital, but this belt never has been produced.

The best way to carry the Heartware device is by binding it to your waist. You can use the carrying belt to do say. For safety matters you can use an extra belt.

If you don't understand this in horribly English written message, I will send you a picture.