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Bart R. Recipient

Driveline exit on left

My LVAD failed 2 months after the first one was implanted. When they redid the surgery they could not reuse the same driveline exit site on the right so they made one and put it on the left. My question is that the belt and holster shirt really don't accommodate this. Has anyone else had this problem and found a belt or holster shirt that works well?

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Durwood E.

Tinman, mine is on the left because I was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries & my plumbing is reversed. I never used the button area, so I have it coming out under my raised shirt @ the cord. I have the holster & belt upside down which allows the drive line to point left. Also, I put the belt through the pants belt loops. This keeps everthing more stable. God Bless.

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William J.

I've had my LVAD since May 2012 and it was originally put in with the drive line exit on the left. I've had no problem using using the lap holster and if you look close, the controller is actually designed for the drive line to be on the left.

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Joann H.

Hello, My name is Lisa McCue, my mother JoAnn received her LVAD on Dec 10th of this year. She has had great difficulty with the weight distribution of batteries and controller. She is still very weak, so we came up with an invention. We call them VADPADS. They will securely fit on any shirt with Industrial Strength Velcro and the outside pads will be very colorful and fun. Snaps secure your controller in place and no need to unhook anything when in the restroom. Our website should be up and running by the end of the month. It will be We live in Florida and presented this to the some of moms Doctors and they are in agreement its an awesome product. Feel free to contact me. THese are made for right/Left drive line.

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