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Dan R. Recipient

First Shower !!

Today, I took my first shower since my LVAD was implanted 6 1/2 months ago. It was absolute heaven. I was very nervous but it was actually easier than I expected. It was a little time consuming but I am sure that once I get a routine down it will become old hat. With each passing day I realize how lucky I am to be enjoying every day. Doing more and more of what I used to do. I was always the chief cook for my wife and I and she had to step in when my health was deteriorating. In the last month or so I have been back in the kitchen trying some new recipes and a lot of the old favorites we haven't had in a long time. My wife and I are laughing a lot and enjoying our time together. We would like to thank the doctors, LVAD coordinators, nurses and physical therapists at Loyola that made all this possible.

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Mike L.

Ohh yea congrats! When I told family/friends that I finally got to take a shower I had to preface it with ... I still kept clean before that of course :) It is something you take for granted and things like that start to make you appreciate the little things in life. Don't forget to wash behind your ears!


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adam D.

I shower at least once a day. When I first got home it was difficult and I generally had to change my bandage every shower (or make it through 2-3 at best) but now I am able to properly protect bandage. Look for waterproof tape that is stretchy, the tape I was sent home from the hospital had no give. I cut open a big ziplock bag and size it so that there is an inch or 1.5 around my bandage then tape it. You do not have to tape the bottom as gravity will take its course. I hang my VAD (in shower bag) on shower door or curtain rod. This is not recommended by physicians because if you fall your bag won't fall with you. I am young and have never fell in the shower so feeling a bit free with it hanging is a nice option for me.
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Phil S.

My mom had a shower aid come in for a month or so after she got her LVAD in April and she suggested the Press'N seal. It works so much better than cling wrap. As long as the direct stream of water isn't hitting it, you don't even need any tape.
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Christin S.

My home nurse is coming to change my dressing tomorrow afternoon so I will b taking my shower before she gets here...and I'm scared to death...any advice??I don't want to short any of my wires out..i know that sounds weird but covering the drive line site gives me nerves too.