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Organ Donation for Transplant - Poem

O ne person who donates in death, can save many lives,

Rescuing the waiting for a heart, liver, kidneys or eyes,

Great is the need for organs, blood and tissue of all kind,

Awareness and communication is crucial to this need,

Necessity for donors, for the gift of life, for this we plead,


Deliver unto another, give a second chance,

Offer the ultimate gift, help another to advance,

None need to suffer if we all participate,

All could start to heal without the awful wait,

Thousands are waiting, it's our chance to give,

Increase their quality of life, their right to live,

Opportunity and generosity can help them mend,

Needless suffering may someday come to an end,


Families may find comfort in relieving another's sorrow,

Offer to ease the pain, the hope of another tomorrow,

Remembering their loved one lost with pride and honor,


Talk to your family, your friends, spread the word,

Register in your state, let your wishes be heard,

Another will have a chance if death is your fate,

None will forget your gift, the gift of life you make,

Sacred are the individuals who make miracles happen,

Precious is the chance to start over, the chance to begin,

Leave a legacy of life, a gift of hope for the future,

Allow your gift to bring comfort, lifes true treasure,

Notify your loved ones, that you give your consent,

Together we can begin the healing and end the torment.


Author: Pink Moon,