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For My Dad

I am a caregiver for my 76 year old father who had an Lvad put in on December 15, 2011. This is my first time posting on a web-site so I'm not sure what to expect, but am hopeful to receive some advice for him. His surgery went very well and he spent very little time in the hospital. 5 days in ICU and only 3 weeks in the step-down unit. He came home on January 6th. Since he has been home (living with me and my family), he has had many ups and downs, several panic attacks, and wrestles with the fact that he can't "go like he's 40"---- yet. He is extremely impatient and wants to get back to work "tomorrow". He is having trouble with his appetite and regaining his strength. "Finding his feet" has been a challenge! We are hoping with the support of new friends online, he will become inspired and gain knowledge and strength from the journey others have taken. We would be ever so grateful for any advice those in this community would be willing to offer.....

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Hey Heather, Well its great that he is doing good. I will tell you this, it will take some time for him to get to where he wants to be. I am 30 and got mine when I was 28, I am now walking 15 miles a week and lifting weight. I know he might not get that far but the point is it will take some work. I say just keep an eye on him , make sure he is eating and if there is any problem call the doc. Hope all is well.