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Marge O. Caregiver

Dizziness and severe headace


I am a caregiver to my husband Jim who received an LVAD in October 2010. He had severe heart failure due to ideopathic cardiomyopathy and a heart attack during a cardiac abalation.

At this point the LVAD is his destination because of several other problems. He is not on any anti-coagulant therapy because of reoccuring bleeding of prostate radiation scars that possibly may be irritated by the LVAD.

Jim has had severe dizziness since receiving the LVAD. Recently, it comes with high MAPs of 100-120, headaches and nausea. Changes in his meds of hydralzine and losartan have not helped. I am looking for any suggestions as to what could be helpful.

Thank you for your support.

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Dawn C.

Hi Maggie,

I understand your concern. Although I am not able to give you specific medical advise, I can tell you that dizziness and headache with that high of a blood pressure is not normal. My advice to you would be to call your LVAD team immediately and to keep calling until his issues are addressed. High blood pressure can cause a number of issues in people with or without an LVAD and can cause unique issues especially in LVAD recipients. Please let us know if there are any other questions or issues we can help you with. Good luck and keep us posted! Dawn.

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Thomas M.

Try large doses of magnesium citrate (800 to 1000 mgs) along with calcium citrate and Vitamin D3. This is what I take along with Vitamin K2. This is my advice based on my experience. I worked and tried many things to naturally get my blood pressure down. I'd also recommend a wheat and soy-free diet. No sugar or sugar substitutes either.

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Marge O.


Thank you for your response earlier this month. We have had a bit of busyness this month including Jim's tests and survey feedback and two year checkup. The docs did take him off coreg. It has helped somewhat and I am looking at what you suggested to see how we can work some of it into his routine.