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Megan L. Caregiver

Also new at all this

I'm a caregiver for my partner who got an LVAD a month ago...we're in our early 30s. He was in the hospital for 6+ weeks on the transplant list, then his condition deteriorated and he needed the LVAD. We are very thankful that he does feel so much better than before....but he is often still fatigued and the pain is a lot more than I thought it would be a month out. Did others similarly experience a lot of fatigue and pain in recovery?

I've been reading this site for the whole month, and it has definitely helped prepare me for all of this. Thanks to all of you who have shared.

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Kirsten G.

Hi Megan - I know just what you mean! We were in a similar situation. My partner and I are in our 40's and I expected him to recover quickly when he got his LVAD earlier this year. I was surprised that after one month he wasn't feeling great. He also was very fatigued and in pain. For a while we wondered if the procedure was worth it?!

Well by the time he finished the second month after the LVAD, things really turned around. Overall he feels great and has more energy. We are glad he had the option of the LVAD and that he did it!

Hang in there! I know it seems slow as you are going through it, but I'm certain things will get better. One day at a time.

I wish you well!

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sheila k.

Hi Megan,

Husband had his 8-13-12, he has more energy now than he had a month ago, so you have to give your partner time. Everyone is different. He still has good and bad days regarding energy level. Wish you both well, and hope next time we talk, you will be seeing a littleincrease in their energy level.

Just went back to Cleveland Clinic, and they had to actually turn his pump up, states his heart is still too large, and they are trying to "remodel" it. Just like you, we can only take one day at a time, and hang in there!! Hope

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Melody T.

Megan, hang in there. My husband had an LVAD 25 months and received a transplant. The LVAD helped him travel and have quality of life while waiting for transplant. It will get better some good days and some bad days. Take one day at a time. You are not alone there are many of us on this site that understand what you are both going through. One day at a time!!!!

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Pat A.

My husband will have had the LVAD since Dec. 2012. He is 69. He recovered very quickly with an ejection of less then 12. He is very active using his excavator and Bobcat in the backyard. His main pain comes from gout.Which is a catch 22 with his torsemide (water pills)His rhumatologist givesw him predisone when it kicks in , but his heart Dr. says, he can't stay on it long term. We have'nt come up with answers yet to this gout prblem. That is the only prolem and pain that he has. His LVAD has been good.Other then wearing the nylon vest the hospital provided him with. If anyone has any answers to these problems . It would be great.Mean time good luck to you both.

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DaKeia W.

Hi Megan-

I am 38 and was implanted 5/2010- it was a rough start as I had a few set backs with fluid and clotting. I felt like the Washington Hospital Center was starting to become an ongoing mini vacation spot =) Everybody is different so I would just tell you to please don't rush- give it time to work for your partner. I would say for me, it took about 2 months. I have some days when I get tired but that's because i'm probably overdoing something...overall I am happy to still be amongst the living!

Remember if you have any questions or doubts, that's what this site is for. And don't ever think any question is too silly ( I just recently asked my doc if I could get a tattoo or go on a roller coaster ride- can you imagine the look on his face and of course his answer lol =)

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We're in our early 30s also and the LVAD is still fairly new. It's a month after surgery and the fatigue is mostly caused by lugging around the weight of the controller and batteries. We are hoping that when my husband gains more weight that it will be more bearable.