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Smaller Controller

Is their any info on progress of Thoratec coming out with a smaller controller?

It is my understandig that they are waiting FDA approval.

I guess this would be available before a wireless system is available.

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Lucien Z.

Hello Walt,

yes there is a new Heartmate II System Controller. My dad had his implant surgery on Oct. 15 and he has the new controller. I try to take a picture of it on my next visit to hospital. At them moment my Dad is not doing good after the surgery but I hope it will be better the next days.

Sorry for my bad english, im from Germany.


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Thanks for the info,Lucien.I would sure like to get a smaller controller.

Tell your Dad to stay positive & things will get better.I was implanted in Feb 28,2012 & had numerous bleeding problems.Things have worked out fairly well.

I spent 46 days in the hospital before I start seeing progress.Don"t know the age of your Dad but I will be 82 in Jan.

Thanks again,I will pursue the smaller controller.

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Stanley, Thanks for info on smaller does it compare wght wise with the older one?Can you notice the difference when moving around? I am

Scheduled to receive one next month as we are waiting for insurance approval.I have had my lvad since Sept 28,2012.

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Stanley R.

It's the size of a pack of cigarettes, weight is about 1 lb. and it helps a lot with how you use it. I don't like that you can know long see your reading on the big screen. But only on the controller when you press the button. Still it is much better then the old one. Butteries are still the same.


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James (Jim) P.

Got my smaller controller about a month ago and it works grand. I do find my self looking for the old monitor, but I'm training my self to look at the controller screen. Besides it's with you 24/7 and you can review the screens if something doesn't feel quite right. Two years to day and a lifetime to go.