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Greg B. Recipient

Dating sites for LVAD patients.

Has anyone seen single dating sites that cater to LVAD patents? If not someone should start one.

Think of the advantages. No explanations needed, no hiding your equipment, and you can share batteries if one of you gets low.

There got to be an upside when two fully charged people get together.

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Annette l.

Would love to meet someone. It would be awesome to have a dating site, as we singles still have emotions and need to be loved.
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Deborah A.

I am a care giver and people need to continue to socialize and meet new people with the same condition in some cases. Making friends and seeing what could happen, if love blossoms?

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Buffy S.

We can create a Facebook group called lvad dating site. I think we all need it. We still have feelings after lvad implant. 

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Annette l.

Great idea. Does anyone know how to get the site started. I would love to help in anyway I can.

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gail p.

Has the website been created yet? My daughter is 37 and completely lonely since her implant in 2012. I am her care giver I do not do the facebook thing, but am going to see if I find anything regarding LVAD dating.


Gail P.