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Janice & Burrell B. Caregiver



I would like to introduce you to a new garment that I have created for my husband Burrell to house and carry your LVAD equipment. It is called the InvisiVad T-Shirt. It is discreetly concealed worn under the clothes. It has encasements and pockets for the batteries and the controller and it is never seen. My husband comments, that, "it is so light, I forget that I have it on." Please check out our website at to find out more about it. It ca be worn by both men and women and customized to fit you. It helps you maintain your dignity and integrity, so that you can get back to living a "normal life." We would love to hear from you. Janice and Burrell

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Virginia R.

Hi Janice,

I had my LVAD implanted on 8/2/12 and since then have be looking for something to wear other than the black jacket. The design you have posted is appropriate for men but I cannot see how it could possibly work for a women. I have a fairly slim body with large breasts and do not see how this would work. I would have to buy much larger top to wear over this shirt which really defeats the purpose. There is a cute concealed weapons t-shirt for women but even that would have to be worn under your regular clothes. Once again all the clothing for LVAD recipients is designed for men not women. Hopefully someone will come up with something sooner rather than later.

All the best,


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Janice & Burrell B.

Hi Virginia,

Thanks so much for your response. Your comments were very helpful. We are in the process of loading pictures to our website with women wearing the T-Shirt. Each T-Shirt is customized to the wearer's measurements. Once you have sent us your measurements, the T-Shirt will be customized for you. The T-Shirt still conceals the equipment so that it is not worn on top of your clothes. We can make the shirt as snug or as loose as you like it. We would love to customize a T-Shirt for you. They come in nude, black or grey and we can take a request if you would like a different color.

Thanks Again,


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Robert K.

Wow that's really nice, but is extremely over priced.I don't think you will be on SharkTank any time soon.