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Living Alone with LVAD

I am 43 yr old.....I have had care taker (family member) stay with me since implant 10 months strength, confidence in device, and new dressing procedure of twice a week versus daily have let me make decision to live alone while I wait for transplant. I will have dressing done by family member twice a week but will otherwise be independent...been a long road to this point...has anyone done this recently (gone from caretaker at home to living independent).....I have signed up for 5star (by which gives me added comfort, security.

Any thoughts is appreciated.

Thanks and in health,

Paul K

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Virginia R.

I received my LVAD in August 2010, my son stayed with me until mid October then I was on my own. I survived Hurricane Sandy and continue to survive everyday living by myself. I do my own dressing changes and pretty much everything else. It's not that bad. I am so thankful that I am still alive.

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Gregory D.

So why are you still having your family help with your dressing change and only twice a week. I have had my HM II for exactly 5 years now and have been taking care of myself here in CA and for two years in China while I set up various factories. Dude, it aint that tuff and to be realistic and ensure you don't get an infection CHANGE YOUR DRESSING AT THE SAME TIME DAILY !!! No they are not cheap and add up over time but believe it it is a hell of a lot better than getting an infection. are only as alone as you care to be. Lots of us out here and other Social Media sights. There is no reason to become agoraphobic. You have extra time, you wake up each day and go to sleep each night. Relish what you have and don't bemoan the fact that you are still alive. :)
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ericka j.

Gregory your comment gave me so much hope. Thank You! My former husband was recently given an LVAD approximately 2 weeks ago. He is getting released from the hospital this week. I have taken the classes and will assigned as one of his caregivers. He is doing great. His attitude is superb and reading your comment just inspired me and gave me hope that all will be ok. It is so much information to take in and I have been feeling anxious. Ofcourse there are adjustments but the gains I believe outweigh the inconveniences which I believe that in time will become second nature. Thank you for sharing your spirit. God Bless.