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sheila k. Caregiver

Big time Frustration

I think all is going ok, when my husband starts yelling about his lvad and all the care.....after awhile, I just do not know what to do....asked him to talk to others but he is so negative....I am at my last straw. I know I should be understanding....but there comes a time when I know I cannot live his life. I have tried to help...but I am not the answer any more. Without his positive attitude I think I have to have someone else be his that a wrong thing to feel....sad thing is, I am a nurse.....Hope

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Diana P.

My husband had a bit of a hard time adjusting. The doctor gave him a low dose antidepressant and it helped a LOT. He's now an advocate of taking it even if just for a short time. A few times he was offered to be weaned off and he chose to keep taking it. The cardiologist explained that it is very normal and common for heart patients to take antidepressants because of the huge change in their lives. Hope he's feeling better.