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Thomas B. Recipient


Any tips on playing golf with HeartMate II and equipment ideas. I just put batteries in cargo shorts pockets with controller around my waist. Any other ideas?

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Steve V.

Golfing -- I tried the above the waist approach and have now settled on the Under Armour shorts that are designed to hold thigh & hip pads

When golfing I place the batteries on my hips and the original controller around my waist - the new controller will fit well in the thigh pad pocket

these shorts are now my preferred method at all times for my HMII

Below is the link

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Doug W.

I have found that a small "fanny pack" (Mountainsmith TLS Swift pack) works very well. My heartmate III batteries and controller fit nicely and the pack does not impact my swing. I play 2 - 3 rounds of golf each week and carry a 13 handicap. the handicap is not much higher than it was before the LVAD. It also works with other activities by keeping the gear secure and out of the way.
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Paul B.

I'm about to start golfing but the doctor has said not to swing too hard and don't turn my torso because it may move the drive line at the exit site. No follow thru and a much shorter back swing. With a 13 handicap your hitting the ball a good distance, have any trouble with your drive line?
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Paul B.

Doctor has cleared me to resume playing but no follow thru or an extended back swing for fear of moving the drive line at the exit site. You have a 13 handicap your hitting the ball a long way, are u following thru or changed your back swing. The only way to find out if it will really cause damage I guess is to strike the ball the same as I did prior to the surgery and if the swing is too extended then it will be back to surgery again.
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Larry B.

I should have known after all this time the waistpack you listed would be out of stock now. Are you still using the same oneDoug W or have you found something else that works? I’m thinking of moving to a waistpack for golf and just looking for suggestions.

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Eileen S.

Great suggestion for the Under Armour shorts! They are the football compression shorts and instead of putting the pads in, it hold the controller and batteries. This is how my husband wears it everyday. It is the only thing he is comfortable with, so thanks so much!
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mike d.

welcome to the 19 hole!  try a fishermans vest, it my not look snappie but it does work. all the dress from the alvad store is around 100.00 dollers and is to pricie for my taste. other  sites on the web can be of use to you the discerning shopper. or you are loaded and do not want to look at the option of thansplantation 4 u. happy shopping . mike

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Larry B.

I’ve been using the UnderArmour 6pad girdle for two years now. I wear it turned inside out to get everything in and out easy. A battery in each thigh pad slot and my controller in the righ hip pocket. Works perfect. It’s funny how each team and doctor is different! I take a full backswing and follow through with no problems whatsoever. But then you have many teams that tell their patients not to  even shower!! I shower every morning just like I did before getting my HM3. I was back on the course 4 months from date of op.

If I’m just going to the range or if I don’t feel like putting the girdle on I just wear cargo shorts. Battery in each pocket and controller in right front cargo pocket. I take all my cords and driveline and tie them together with a Velcro tie and loop it through a belt loop. Pull my shirt down and it only leaves about 6” of cords showing so not a potential problem of anything catching on them.

i tried taking my normal stance using a vest and that was a non starter. In addition it completely throwing my sense of equilibrium off by the way the batteries hang down, it created more problems in the takeaway with my elbows banging against the batteries hanging there.

Its a great feeling not being exhausted or out of breath just walking from the cart to the green.

hit em straight.