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Daphney S. Recipient

Has Anybody Experienced Weight Gain Post LVAD

Hello all,

has anyone else experienced weight gain post LVAD surgery? I was implanted 07/2012 and have been gaining weight. I've gained 60lbs since implantation and diets, the gym or nothing is helping. I'm looking for alternatives to surgery to get my weight down and get listed.

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Joyce L.

Ironically I got my LVAD on my Dad's birthday in 2012. Did fine and had a great outlook on life and planned to travel with the family to visit the family in the Philippines. We have children, grandchildren and extended family on my husband's side there. I was due a colonoscopy and decided to have that taken care of before we left for a long trip. I contracted a viral infection of the blood while I was in the hospital and they gave me high doses of the antibiotic gentamiacin which caused me to lose my balance as it wiped out my inner ear for which there is no cure. That happened 14 months ago and altered my lifestyle drastically. I no longer drive my car, am unable to do housework, laundry, cook etc. and have gained 70 lbs which has caused me to get short of breath when I try to do anything physically. My doctor recommended that I push myself but that can only last about 15-30 minutes before I feel like I am going to totally collapse. Once I sit down, I am fully recovered in about 10 minutes. I am happy that I am still alive to be able to enjoy the grandkids and greatgrandchildren through but really miss the wonderful hugs and kisses I used to get. I live in Oregon and all of our kids and families are in Kansas, Texas, Philippines and Japan. I just want to tell everyone to please question whether you really need the antibiotic gentamiacin if you are ever in the hospital for any procedure .... if they say you do, make sure you are monitored and tested regularly.