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Loosing weight

I have been trying to loose the weight that i gained back after i got home from the hospital in 2011. I finally threw my salt away and working on getting away from the salt products and start to eat better. i would like to do more salad's but i don't want my INR messed up we finally got it therapeutic. I need to loose at least 100lbs so I can get a transplant. Thanks for any help.

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Jennifer Cowger, MD, MS S.

I have had a few patients now gain great success with gastric bypass- sleeve, roux en y and band procedures. There are few Gastric "Centers of Excellence" around the country who are also LVAD centers (Pitt, ST. Vincents) and you may consider this.

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Danyell C.

My problem is restricting my liquid intake. I can gain 4lbs in a day from drinking liquids. I don't drink soda or anything with sodium buy the liquid gets me every time. I have lost a lot of weight from being in the hospital for 3 months after getting LVAD.Since I was released august 28th, I've gaine 12 pounds back. Gaining weight back is not an option for me. I don't do salt or salt products, all of my food is fresh and I prepare but I still must be doing something wrong. Getting the LVAD was not the biggest obstacle... eating clean and losing weight with a wire in coming out of your stomach is such a huge struggle. If any one have suggestions to work out activities we can do to reduce stomach safely, please post.

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Daniel M.

I was also suffering from excessive weight gain but then my cousin suggested me to try out Nuez dela India seed which is unprocessed & organic .It is really effective for reducing weight and is also beneficial for other health problems like thyroid,boost metabolic rate,reduces cellulite and have many other benefits .