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michael e. Prospective Patient

cost expectations, after the LVAD is implanted ?

I am curious about the monthly costs associated with the LVAD once it is implanted. My only insurance is Medicare, and my Doctor also expressed concern about what Medicare will cover, what they won't cover and if I'll be able to afford the costs for supplies. Can anyone provide me with a rough idea about monthly supply costs and if anyone has any experience with LVAD supplies as they relate to Medicare reimbursement, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance, Michael
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kim h.

My husband's lvad was placed 2/28/16. His lvad coordinator makes sure we have all the supplies we need. If we need more she we let her know and we pick them up at appointment. I believe most insurances cover the supplies.
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Sally B.

I am scheduled to follow up once a month with the cardiac specialist. Going to the doctor so frequently costs a lot of money. You can ask what the doctor charges per visit. And, I'm surprised how much I'm paying for drugs too. I really hoped the insurance would cover more.
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Sally B.

My hospital had a social service worker that covered this subject with us. Ask your phys if the have one at your hospital. It might not be too late to sign on to a Part B plan or even check to see if you're eligible for Medicaid. They should have all this info available to you.
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Gregory D.

Your electric bill will not go up much, just a few extra cents each month for the charger or remote base. Drive line supplies is another issue. I am on Medicare and have part B. None of the supplies are covered. Here is my typical purchase from HPFY on line. This list allows me to cover my needs for 60 days, changing pads every other day following a shower. PRODUCT INFORMATION: Item No. Price UOM Qty Total S40750 $69.99 50/Pack 1 $69.99 Nice Pak PDI Chlorascrub Swabstick Option: 1.75" x 6.5" MSC1528H $15.39 Each 2 $30.78 Medline Sureprep No-Sting Skin Protectant Spray options: 28ml Bottle 6818 $2.99 200/Pack 2 $5.98 Kendall Webcol Alcohol Preps Option: Medium, 2ply MSC1104Z $68.85 30/Pack 2 $137.70 Medline Optifoam Site Island Fenestrated Round Foam Dressing Options: 4" Round The total is $244.45 for a 2 months supply. In other words $122 per month. HPFY is the least expensive I have found by far. Local Chain Pharmacies don't carry most of what we need and when they do it is much more expensive. This list is not complete sorry, I forgot the Silver pads, I gut those into 3x4 rectangles and becuase they really do no degrade the hospital give me 3 to 4 "dated" packs rather than through them out. This saves me $7.89 for each pad. Hope this helps Greg