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Robert K. Recipient

Me and my LVAD

Hi I am Robert Kiesewetter I just received my lvad just welcoming myself and saying hello.
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Robert K.

.I speak english thanks for the offer but not interested.I came her to talk to and learn more about what my new lvad life will be like.I don't see many people visiting this site lately Is it a dead site now? Feel all alone here Hello!!!!!!!!!!
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Mateo D.

Hello Robert, I just received my Heartware LVAD on 4/5/2016. So far so good. Recovery is still a little slower than I'd like but I'm glad to be here. I haven't seen slot of posts lately either, and most of the posts are people with Heartmates. Anyway, just adding to the support. Mateo
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Bonnie W.

I have been following the site not much posted lately. Please share how your recovery is going. My husband is scheduled to have his lvad surgery on the 26th of this month here in Dallas.
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Robert K.

Hi, Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner, haven't been on here for a while. My recovery has been very good, I was out of the hospital in two weeks after surgery and feeling pretty good. Many of my Doctors and nurses were surprised I was doing so well. I am now starting my cardiac rehabilitation program this week tomorrow will be day three.I needed to wait 6weeks for insurance reasons before I could start. I was a bit nervous about pushing myself at home with exercise and didn't know what I could do.I had physical therapy at home while I was waiting. Now that I started the cardio rehab I am seeing what I can do and am quite happy to see what my lvad is doing for me. My therapist is amazed how quickly and easily going thru my workouts. This is my third time in cardio rehab first two trys pre-lvad where incomplete due to heart problems. Overall I'm very pleased with my lvad it's a pain at times but it's better then the alternative. My exit wound is healing well and haven't had any infections or complications.
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Marcella H.

Thank you for your post. I enjoyed reading about your post and about your recovery process. The heart takes a long time to heal because it is such a big and important organ. The heart is one of the main organs that help to keep you alive. So, please take time in your recovery. Please take it easy and do all of the steps that the doctors and nurses tell you to do. I made the heart pillows where I bought the fabric, sewed them up, and then I had people stuffing them with stuffing or fiberfill. I gave them to the person who was in charge of the heart pillow project. He or she were always happy when I made those pillows because it really helped so many people when they came out of heart surgery. It helps them to cough easier and to breath easier too. Keep up the good work in your recovery and take good care. Marcy CNA
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Sally B.

Welcome Robert: I just passed my one year anniversary. Am waiting for a real heart so I can be a real (grown-up) just like Pinochio.
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Robert K.

I just started this program through my hospital. It's pretty cool way of reporting your vad numbers,weight,INR,ect. Your vad team gets this information so they can keep you running smoothly.Helps give you piece of mind.
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Clinton B.

Welcome. I received my LVAD on 3/22/16 at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY. I have been very fortunate and so far so good. Doing Cardica Rehab now and getting stronger everyday. I do miss taking a shower or being able to go swimming but spending time with my new grandaughter has made it all worth it.