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LVAD equipment

Hello my name is Aundrea. My family loss my father last year. I have LVAD equipment for sale. we have batteries and main unit and some of the assoc. I know this equipment is expensive and I am willing to sell for a reasonable price to help offset some of my dads' expenses.
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Cathie W.

Aundrea N;  I realize this is a very old post, but do you still have your father's equipment?  We are interested in buying it so we don't have to lug the equipment back and forth between two homes.

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geri g.



I have Heartmate II accessories-New.  Still in original sealed packaging.... example:  power cable module, shower bags, gowear belt (put together not used though)


and Heartmate 2 Emergency Power Packup NEW IN BOX.

We havent gone through everything.... 

I KNOW this are expensive (even with insurance - the deductible was Outrageous and he borrowed to pay it)... so here they are hopefully it can save you from the 3000 deductible he paid.




God bless everyone going thru this.  Hope I can help with these items and I can help the family with bills.