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LVAD Foley anchor

Anyone using Foley anchors to secure their drivelines. If so do they work and where do you buy them. Also are there different sizes. Thanks from darkest Africa
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Paul B.

I buy mine from Advanced Medical 888-287-9797. There are two entities within their company one bills medicare and also Wound Care Resources if your paying for them yourself. The price is $4.42 each. Proper name is Centurion Foley Anchor they do work. Dropped my bag ripped the anchor right off with some skin but it held long enough. I also use a pic line anchor in addition to the Foley anchor.
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Thomas J.

I use the VAD Driveline Management Kit. "Centurion" DT19005. The kit includes the following Items: 2- Alcohol prep Pads 1 - pair Sterile Gloves 1 - pair non-sterile gloves 2 - mask 2 - bouffants 1 - shower guard 1 - sterile drape 2 - ChloraPrep 1- Bio Patch 1 - Skin Prep 1 - closure 1 - sorbaview dressing 1 - catheter / driveline securement I order them from Wound Care Resources 4 Newbern Highway Yorkville, TN 38389 Phone (888) 287-9797 Fax (877) 287-2007
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Henry R.

Hi, I have used the Foley Anchor on my husband since he got his LVAD in 2014. It works really well, and can last 2 weeks or more depending on your activities. If it starts to come unstuck, it is best to replace it. I wanted to show you some pictures, but I do not see how to do that. Anyway, our anchors are made by Centurion and they are 3" by 4.5" in size. I suggest having an LVAD coordinator or nures show you how to use the loop feature that holds the driveline. I place the anchor just to the right of his dressing, his right, and leave a tiny bit of give on the driveline as a buffer to any possible tugs. You can order them from the company that provides your dressings. Hope this helps. Patty Richmond
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Phil S.

My mom has been using the foley anchor since she got her LVAD in 04/2017. she gets hers from the MayoClinic Store. They just get shipped to her every month along with the other vad supplies. Hers is placed above and behind her driveline. The tend to come loose along the top edge first and when that happens we just use some silk tape to secure it. Usually makes them last another week or more. So she typically gets three weeks of use with two showers weekly. They are covered each time with Glad Press'n'Seal wrap along with the driveline dressing.
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Phil S.

I like that sorbaview dressing. I'm curious, have you ever used a Tegaderm? If so, would you say one is better than the other? Tegaderms are not as fancy as the one you are using, but they are a lot cheaper. Do you really get a week out of the Sorbaview dressing without it peeling off? What is that little disc shaped thing directly over the driveline site for? How about skin irritation from the adhesive?
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I get mine from Orthodynamics,, 317-774-0145 x 223. Yes, they do work to prevent the driveline from being tugged at your wound. I also get all my wound dressings from them as outlined by New York Presbyterian Hospital.
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Matthew A.

Okay my advice for you is get the centurion anchor. I have tried a lot of different anchors and they just don't fit. I mean by fit they hold the Driveline loose end the Centurion is a stretchy rubber material that allows it to properly squeeze the Driveline enough to hold it securely. Unfortunately I love the Centurion but for some reason I break out even though I thought these were hypoallergenic so if you can do the Centurion I would recommend just using some tape I use 3M transpore White i just put on a one and a half inch wide by six inch long strip piece of tape and just put that right over the Driveline and it works better than you would think. I get my dressing kits from Alere Medical Supplies and they include the anchor as well.
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Mariza M.

Hi, I’ve been using the Centurion Foley anchorfor more than a year. We did not find it in Brazil, as well as the Primapore dressings. So, I generally buy them through Amazon website and ask someone to receive and send it me by Fedex.
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Teka S.

We send all of out patients home with a foley anchor. Most have really liked them, it provides a nice loop in the drive line and keeps is flat and secure. The brand we use is by Centurion.