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Phillip Cole

Dear phillip I would like to get in contact with you regarding hospitals in South Africa with knowledge off the Lvad. My father in law is German and got it implanted in Germany and he wants to come and visit, but obviosly wants the assurance that he will hve a hospital to visit in the case of a problem. Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated.
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Philip C.

Frans, I'm sorry that I've only seen your post now - I don't visit MyLVAD very often now as I've adapted so well to mine. I hope this may be still useful. The only hospital fitting LVADs in South Africa is the Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town and the only cardiac surgeon fitting the LVAD so far is Dr Willie Koen. They have a Heart Transplant Support Unit which is very capable to provide support to your father in law if needed. You can contact them at, +27 21 422 0277 or +27 21 531 1206 if needed. I hope that this helps. Best wishes. Philip Cole