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Physical exercise with LVAD

If a LVAD recipient is doing some heavy physical activity like running, gyming or playing any sport, how does LVAD, which runs at constant speed, going to match the demand of blood supply. If it doesn't able to fulfill the requirement how does it going the affect the recipient? how dangerous it would be?
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Vanette J.

They are talking to me about getting the l vac I'm scared what are the risk after the 8 year life span what happens so many questions no one to talk to
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adam D.

Since receiving my LVAD (Heartware) I have made phenomenal gains at the gym. I bench press 180lbs, leg press 630lbs, etc. I have no issues with weights. I also do sit ups and other core exercises. There are limitations, like I used to do yoga but the bending / up and down is too much of a hassle with the machine. Typically my flow is 5.5L/M resting or just getting around, I can go as high as 7.3 l/m when at gym or biking outdoors. The analogy I used (which my cardiologist uses now) is if you sit on an electric bicycle and not peddle, you with go 30 km/hr, if you peddle really hard you will go 40 km/hr. So in my case, my excited heart is making up the extra, by beating faster it cause less resistance for the blood to flow...if that makes sense.