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Patricia Shares Their Story

Henry, my husband, had a massive heart attack, Nov. 2016. We practically lost him and we were devasted at the news that he may not "make" it we were told. No "promises"....I knew it was dire. I knew at that point we had to just pray for the doctors and staff that were treating him. Now....almost six months later, we are ever so grateful as we were the day he walked out of the hospital, to have him home with us, where he belongs. The doctors at MMC Hospital were not very optimistic in the beginning and told us the plain truth....and also explained the LVAD which we had never heard of before. I signed many papers as his caregiver/spouse to go with it as it was our only chance to get him back. The doctors performed the 6-7 hours surgery, though he was put on ECMO machine and his organs were failing. After much prayers and being hopeful and positive, Henry regained consciousness.....we were constantly there at the bedside in the CITCU. We became like family with the nurses and staff as Henry was there for two months. It was amazing. We were there for every holiday since before Thanksgiving until after New Years 2017. A drain then the day came when he was coming home.........I prepared for that like no other. Was so excited.....when he arrived home it was a transition but now I can honestly say I think we have grown accustomed to his new life giving heart mate and he realizes it's his life line. I happened upon this site when looking for something for him to wear during our first summer months being an LVAD patient.....and hopefully we will gain some other insight and friends through this group as well.
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Mary E.

I follow your story with great interest: my husband still in the hospital after LVAD/RVAD placement
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Yvonne M.

This sounds exactly like my story - including the timing. My heart attack occurred on 11/19 - I woke up sometime in December with an LVAD. I am doing fairly well now, back at work full time. I too am looking for a better way to carry the device. So far I have just used the carry bag. Please share what you learn. the bet to you.