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Medical Equipment Identifying Embroidered Patches

Something that I've been considering doing is getting a embroidered patch made so that my go bag is clearly marked as medical equipment. I feel that this is important since I actually use a LowePro Camera bag with padded compartments and dual shoulder straps for carrying my spare batteries, controller, and even a small first aid kit since I am so prone to bleeding being on three different blood thinners. I also give back to the community by helping one of the NPs at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania train and educate paramedics and first responders. In doing these sessions she stresses that in an accident situation, and a first responder finds that they are dealing with an LVAD patient, that they immediately need to start searching for that go bag with the medical equipment. But if a bag is not clearly marked as medical equipment, it will be overlooked. Having that spare equipment could be the difference between life and death in some circumstances. But I have come up with a design for HeartWare LVADs since that is what I have and another generic one that says LVAD Medical Equipment. What I am interested in finding out is how many people may be interested in a patch like these to help clearly mark their bags. My hope is that I get enough interest to do a bulk order and get a better price on the patch. Please express your interest first and then we will take things from there. Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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A quicker cheaper alternative that I like using is all-clear luggage tags with notices and sometimes emergency instructions visible on both sides. I found Red Cross and medic symbols plastic stickers for on my hard-side carry-one by searching on Amazon. Maybe they already have cloth ones. Try a medical uniform store, just in case.