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Restless Leg issues / recommended hospitals or drs.

My brother in law received his LVAD a little over a year ago. He has had some issues but seems ok with it. He is slowly recovering - goes to the gym to walk most days and is slowly regaining appetite and strength. Two issues: 1. In the last few months he seems to have Restless Leg syndrome and is not sleeping. Manages to sleep during the day but that impedes his ability to work on his strength, appetite and it has seriously affected his mood, Has anyone experienced anything like this? 2. Medical support for my sister who is the caregiver. When she has questions or needs to talk to a professional, she finds the medical community seriously lacking in response and assistance. She feels like she is out there in the dark. Even the hospital where he was at is not helping as much as before. What can she do - is there a number she can call for someone who will answer her? she is not super computer able. Thank you! Ilene Kelsey