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6 years on lvad

My uncle has had his Lvad for 6 years. He doesn't follow any dr recommendations... He smokes, eats and drinks whatever he wants even though he's diabetic. In the last 6 months he has really declined. More recently in the last 6 weeks he's been life flighted 3 times to hospital because he can't breath. He's always full of fluid. They drain it off, he stays a week then is on his way back to his bad life habits. He's in hospital now in bad shape. He's swollen everywhere, hands, feet, legs. He's complaining of his knee hurting so bad that he can't bend his leg. They wanted to do heart cath but don't think his kidneys could stand the dye used. Now they want to do a renal cath. They think maybe his kidneys are blocked. It honestly feels like his CHF is progressing but his doctors just won't say it. It's like they don't have any options for him. Anyone have any advice or been in similar situation?? I don't know how to help.