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Gregory D. Recipient

Combating Pseudomonas Infection

After nearly 4 and a half years I finally got hit with the infection. Until this point nothing. Traveled worked taught. To date been in the hospital twice 4 sets of different IVs while in the hospital. Now at home taking Cipro 500mg twice per day. Feeling ok, however I have yet to find anything "approved" for the cure or eradication of this bacteria. I use a UV wand and have thought of trying essential oils. Also looked into Galium Matenate. The Gallium looks the most promising. However it is not available here in the US. So has anyone had any luck beating this infection , besides a life long use of using antibiotics? Thank you
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Henry R.

Hi Gregory, Sorry to hear about your infection. This is Hank's wife, Patty, writing. Hank has had his LVAD for three years, so far free of infections. I am his "chief of all things LVAD related in the natural medicine whelm," which means I am always looking for answers. I did some internet searches on your infection, I am sure you have also. I suggest looking up Dr. Hulda Clark, she is very interesting. I mention her because you are using the UV wand. Also, I would suggest daily consumption of bone broth made from grass fed and organic sources. I would add grass fed gelatine too, which is a dried form of the broth. Gelatin and bone broth provide great healing power to the digestive tract and the gut, where the immune system resides. So, strengthening that system is good, and will also help protect from the side effects of the antibiotic. And since you do travel (as we do also), if it were us, I would take Hank to the place where the Galium Matenate is. (I googled this remedy but did not find it.) We have traveled for natural medical reasons, it has always been helpful and sometimes an adventure, which is appropriate for medical pioneers such as you and my husband. I will keep my eye out on this topic and share further if I can. PS, have you seen the LVAD vest I made for Hank, if you like the idea I can email you the instructions. Good luck, Gregory, I am sure the answer is awaiting you.
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Gregory D.

Thank you for the information Patty, as to my infection; this was expected eventually. And eventually finally caught up with me. What is strange is I was working in China a number of times across the past 4 years and never had an infection, even showering every day. I came back home this past January and splat!!! This bacterial infection is not like a Staph infection and occurs in almost 90% of LVAD patients the longer we have the LVAD. I have found that using the UV wand keeps the biofilm from progressing at the drive line and at the hole they put in the center of my chest. Also using iodized salt to keep the matrix\proud flesh from growing. These two have helped. However the majority of the bacteria reside in the pump pocket, that is in my chest. And spread internally. The Gallium looks promising as it disrupts the bacteria's ability to attach to iron molecules. Being that said the Gm helps to starve off the bacteria. As it uses the iron to move through the body and create the biofilm. So far I have yet to find anywhere other than the UK that this is available. And even then it is intended only for use in animals. What is sad, at least to me is that this infection is very common to those with LVADs and becoming the number 1 issue in LVAD deaths. I do not understand how science let alone the pharmacopeia industry have yet to come up with a medicine that eradicates this bug. Lastly if you would please go ahead and e-mail the instructions for the vest. It sounds interesting. "" Regards
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Cindy R.

Hello Gregory,

I had an infection 3 years into my LVAD, felt just fine, but was hospitalized for about a week.  They told me that once I have an infection, I will always have an infection.  I heard them, but didn't understand until 4 years later, the same infection came back, and I was sick, as bad as the initial heart failure sick.  No appetite so I lost weight, no energy, so I did next to nothing and had no muscle tone or stamina, pain in abdomen, and then the fever.  I was hospitalized for over 3 weeks before they decided to replace the entire LVAD system.  Since the system is not organic, an infection will cling to it.  Mine stayed dormant for 4 years. Since the surgery was a success, thank God, I was given yet another chance, and I am grateful.  This was is 2017, so there may be more developments, but I was given some pretty serious medicine that only calmed it down enough to have surgery.  They tested the removed system, and also found another, totally different infection.

I sure wish you the best, but my options were replacement or hospice. I pray they have made progress in 3 years.