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robert W. Recipient

pump noise

Hello, I am new to this forum . I had my lvad surgery on September 19 . Everything seems to be going good except for the fact that i can hear the high pitched hum of the pump .H as anyone else had this problem?
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Kevin H.

That isn’t noise you’re hearing that is the beautiful sound of a lifesaving technology keeping you alive! Enjoy it. If you are hearing it will be like living next to a train track you will soon get accustomed to it and you will forget the sound is there. I am 62 and had a my aortic valve replaced when I was 27. It made a load ticking sound. Much louder than an LVAD. It was so loud that when I got in a quiet place such as an elevator everyone in with me heard it. I would put my watch up to my ear and pretend to listen to it pull it away, tap it look at it and would announce it’s not mine and chuckled as I watched others in the elevator do the same thing. I loved it!