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robert W. Recipient

Noisy pump

pump noise Hello I am a new lvad recipient, I had my surgery on September 19 . Everything seems to be going well except for the fact that i can hear the pump running . It is very annoying and I was wondering if anyone else has this issue?
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Hello, I've had my device for one and a half years & had the same problem. I sleep with a fan on now & can only hear the whine occasionally, (I thought it was just in my head). Background noise is the only fix i got. Best of luck to ya.
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Andreas B.

Hi, i received my LVAD in January this Year & Can also hear my pump running when everything is quiet..especially when laying on the side and putting an ear on/near the shoulder. It didn't get better but i got used to 'the noise'.
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Mary E.

What do people who travel with an RV do about charging batteries and or using the mobile unit where there is no electricity available? My husband and I so enjoy state and federal park camping (vs. the commercial places with bingo and hayrides) but many of these don't have electric hookups. We've had the Heartmate 3 since June and everything seems to be stable in our new normal state and are planning some trips but nobody at our center seems to know how we can manage this sort of travel. Has anyone personally contacted the company to see if converters or inverters can be used? If so how do I get in touch with St. Jude, who I think owns what used to be Thoratec?
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kyle t.

I have a heartmate3 and my controller is silent but sometime I hear a mechanical sound in the back of my neck. It's very strange. Like it's inside the back of my neck but it's just in my head.
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David M.

I have an LVAD. At times I also hear my pump. At first, it FREAKED me out. Laying in bed and hearing the pump spinning. I got used to it and now rarely hear anything. On the upside, my dog loves to lay on my chest and listen to my noisy body. I think it calms him at times... :)