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Worried--Blood clot in pump

My father-in-law received his LVAD in December. He had suffered a mild stroke about a month before. He is not eligible for a heart transplant. He ended up in the ER two weeks ago and based on tests (echo, ldh, etc) he has a blood clot in his pump. He has been on a Heparin IV until two days ago in hopes that clot would break up and ldh numbers would start falling. Doctor wants it at 600. It is now over 2000. He was diagnosed with dementia recently. (in the last 3 months) The doctor feels like getting a new pump would make that worse, not to mention risk of stroke, and does not recommend him going through another surgery. Has anyone else dealt with blood clot inside the actual pump? I get the impression that there is no positive choice here. A new pump which could affect his mind even more so that my mother-in-law could not keep him at home or just go home and let him live until clot eventually breaks loose or causes the pump to stop. Our family is heartbroken over all of this.
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Hi, Yes, I have read that blood clots in the pump can happen. I hope that all may be well with your father-in-law soon. It is obviously a very difficult time for all of you. My wife and I send our best wishes to you all.
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Thank you. Things are not looking good. I have a feeling he may just be sent home soon as there currently is no solution to his problem since surgery is not recommended. Sad situation to have to accept.