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Heartware Backpack??

I am a caregiver and am VERY frustrated with the options for carrying around the backup supplies. We were given a blue bag for this purpose. It has 2 handles on it, but they are too short to be shoulder straps, and the bag is too heavy to carry off the shoulder. The bag has no top to it, to protect the controller and batteries from rain. It's just a blue canvas bag with black straps/handles. I see other LVAD patients at our heart center that have Heartware backpacks. Where can I get one? I HATE this blue bag, and can't seem to find a good alternative. What other options do we have? DH will be returning to work soon, and needs an option other than this blue bag. He will already be rolling his laptop around, so a rolling backpack isn't an option. Something to strap across his body or back would be a better option - or something he could ATTACH to his rolling laptop bag. (I do sew and can create just about anything - I just need a starting point.) Thank you.
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Julie J.

Molly, designed several bags for LVAD patients.

The LVAD Back Pack is made to carry your working LVAD or your spare equipment

  • Available in HeartMate or HeartWare Styles
  • Elastic shoulder straps absorb LVAD weight, reducing body fatigue
  • Protects LVAD and all cords
  • Conceals LVAD, no one will ever know you have a medical device
  • Water resistant, no worries if you get caught in the rain.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps, one size fits all
  • Low profile, slim design

For more information please visit: or contact Brent. He's a great guy that is dedicated into making LVAD Life Easier after having an LVAD himself.

Brent and LVAD Gear also offer other LVAD bag options; which are online at: - right now they have a sale on their messenger bags.