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Maggie M. Family Member

GI bleed

My Uncle has been living with his LVad for many years. He has recently been having complications. He's been in hospital over a week with a GI bleed they can't seem to find. He's had two colonoscopy and swallowed a pill that had a camera in it. They went in today and cauterized three spots that could be causing it, but there was no obvious tear. Later today, more blood when he had a bowel movement. I keep reading bleeding in the gut is common with Lvad. It seems like things are going downhill. Please give me any info you can
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Glenwood T.

Hi, I am a 69 yo male that had a Heartmate II implanted in August of 2015. I had a difficult time the first few months because I was very weak and tired. HGB was at low at 7.0. I had every test imaginable to find the bleeding. In January of 2016 I was at home and I just fainted and fell to the floor. I was admitted to the hospital and underwent an upper GI test. The test reveled a blood vessel in the wall of my stomach was constantly oozing blood. The vessel was cauterized and I immediately started to get better. I have had no further bleeding. My HGB is now around 12.8 consistently. I hope the doctors can locate the bleeding. Good luck.
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Claudette S.

Hi, any updates @magmead on your uncle this is the exact same my mother has been experiencing. She’s been in hospital since for over week and they can’t seem to find the bleed. She’s had 3 transfusions thus far. It sounds like they will have her to swallow the pill w camera to go a bit deeper. They didn’t locate anything with the endoscopy and colonoscopy.