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Mary E. Caregiver

RV Travel

My husband and I have a motorhome and would like to resume travelling. Since we enjoy state and federal parks which often have no electric hookups we will have problems with charging batteries and using the mobile power unit. There must be others out there who can help us with an answer to this problem. Can an inverter be used or an adaptor to charge the batteries? No one at our implant center has an answer.
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Larry B.

Sounds like a portable power inverter is what you need. Not sure if you could hook directly to it to sleep on but for while you are camping I would just use it to keep your batteries charged. Check with your team for sure about hooking into it to sleep on. Push comes to shove you can always sleep on batteries while camping. Your team won’t go for that but I’ve been doing it for over 2 yrs now.

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Joanne W.

looking for slightly used  heartmate 3 batteries

 Sometimes you are lucky to have a heart transplant after receiving new equipment …

I would be very interested in your Heartmate 3  batteries that are only a few months old. Yes they can be shipped by FedEx..    I have already checked with them.   

Thank you 

Joanne Wilbur